5 Great Family Activities in Kyneton

The town and community of Kyneton cater to a diverse range of interests. It is rich in history, art and culture, fresh produce and beautiful natural landscapes. No matter what your family is into, Kyneton will deliver.


  1. Kyneton Museum

Step your family back in time with a visit to the Kyneton Museum. The building was originally built in 1856 as a Bank of New South Wales and now displays artefacts from the Gold Rush era including carriages and agricultural equipment. The museum is open from Fridays to Sundays and there is only a small fee for admission.


  1. Kyneton Botanic Gardens

These gardens are steeped in history. Planting began in the 1860s after the town ran a competition for the design. There is an eclectic mix of plants, from palms and oaks to roses and cypress trees. It is an easy walk through and young children will delight in exploring every corner. The Gardens adjoins the equally pleasant Kyneton Community Park if you want to continue on there for a play.


  1. The Old Auction House

For the art-loving family, you need not look any further than The Old Auction House. The building consists of a shop of hand-crafted goods, galleries, artist studios and teachable spaces. It is the perfect place to become inspired.


  1. Kyneton Farmers’ Market

For an excursion that is not only fun but shares a lesson in good health and community, take your family to the Kyneton Farmers’ Market. It is nestled between the historic St Paul’s Church and Piper Street on the second Saturday of the month from 8 am until 1 o’clock. Peruse the stalls of local flowers, honey and fresh produce. If you are hungry, there are various food trucks with delicious food on offer, or you may like to trundle next door to the trendy burger joint, Major Tom’s.


  1. Blackhill Reserve

Families with children of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy Kyneton’s natural attributes at Blackhill Reserve. The Revegetated Area Track is an easy 1.7 kilometres and is a great place to go kangaroo spotting. The Circuit Track is a gentle 3.7 kilometres with views of the Monolith Rock. The Ridge Track is the most strenuous walk of the three, though only 2.7 kilometres but has the promise of stunning views.


Where will you head to with your family this week?