The Kyneton Museum: Step Back in Time

Enjoy a piece of local history and visit the Kyneton Museum this weekend. Situated on Piper Street, the historic bluestone building was built in 1856 and is recognised by the National Trust. Originally the Bank of New South Wales, the museum and its surrounds are a piece of history themselves. The upstairs banker’s residence has been recreated as it appeared in the Gold Rush Era and the neighbouring servant’s kitchen, original stables and Theaden Cottage also still stand.


The original chamber of the main building is the main exhibition space and houses over 9000 items. The social history of the town is told through these everyday objects, artworks and photographs. They showcase the lives of residents from early settlement until the 1930s and reflect a way of life that is a stark contrast to ours today. There are also larger artefacts on the grounds such as carriages and agricultural equipment.


The Kyneton Museum is operated by the Macedon Ranges Shire Council and is open from Fridays to Sundays from 11 am until 4 pm. Adult entry is as little as $5 and a family of five can enter for ten dollars. Group bookings can be made by appointment for the other days of the week and the venue and backdrop of the museum can be hired for events and photography.


The Kyneton Museum is a fascinating and affordable sight to add to your list of things to see in Kyneton. The exhibition is also the perfect size to keep any youngsters interested without being too overwhelming. Have you travelled up to Kyneton yet to see what is on offer?