Kyneton Botanic Gardens: A Peaceful Retreat

Kyneton Botanic Gardens

Need a breather from the busyness of life? The Kyneton Botanic Gardens is the perfect place to slow your pace.
The gardens are only a short walk from the town centre. As you arrive at the historic blue stone and wrought iron gate entrance you can see the beautiful greenery that awaits beyond. The plaque on the pillar outlines that the gardens were a gift to the town and indeed they are a treasure. The garden’s design was based on a winning entry from a competition in 1867.
As you walk through on the wide meandering path it is difficult to not fall in love with these gardens that have delighted generations of locals. Steeped in history, the majority of the first plants sourced were selected by the Director of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. Seventeen of the trees in the garden are listed by the National Trust. There is an eclectic mix of plants, from palms and oaks to roses and cypress trees.
As you wander along through the vibrant greenery, you encounter park benches scattered throughout the gardens. It is most certainly a park for rest, relaxation and reflection. Dogs must be contained to a leash and ball games are not permitted.
You come across the small rotunda to the left as you first begin your walk in. This was one of the original structures established back in 1903, along with the drinking fountain. If you have children, the walk through the Botanic Gardens is a leisurely starting point on the way to the Kyneton Community Park beyond. If you are feeling energetic, however, you may wish to head down towards the river for a longer circuit trek past the racecourse.