Kyneton Community Park: The Perfect Park

kyneton community park

What does the perfect park look like?” you may ask. Well, we think Kyneton Community Park is about as close as it gets.
Nestled behind the lush Kyneton Botanical Gardens is the Kyneton Community Park. It is truly a hidden gem. Unlike many contemporary parks with garish plastic equipment, this park has been carefully plotted into the landscape with a blissful amount of conventional and quirky.
Metal, wood, ropes and recycled tyres are just a few of the materials used to create various play areas. A series of small tree stumps together makes for a great follow-the-leader game or a friendly spot to sit down and share a snack. The wooden poles with ropes tied between them every which way is a challenging ropes course for older kids. Alternatively, it is a fun balancing act for little ones with a parent watching on.
Crawl through the set of bright pink tyres or take turns ‘driving’ the bright red and blue tractors scattered across the park. The pop of colour against the wooden equipment and surrounding towering trees makes for a delightful contrast. The park is quite wide so if it gets busy, you won’t feel crowded. There are plenty of picnic tables if you want to bring a spread to share. One of the most unique and interesting elements of the park is the table tennis table, complete with bats and balls. Only a well-respected park could have such equipment available for visitors to use.
As you walk through the park you notice the different surfaces. From tanbark, sand or gravel underfoot to the tin slides, wooden seesaws and natural logs and plants in between the equipment. Your children will love browsing through the natural and human-made. And being far from the town centre and road traffic, it is truly a place to escape, enjoy and imagine.