Interview with local – Jennifer Beachey

When Jennifer Beachey left Melbourne for a six-month backpacking holiday to the United Kingdom in 1997 she did not expect to stay for 17 years and return with a husband, two children and a twenty-foot shipping container. Nor could she have foreseen that she would trade her corporate lifestyle and Prada high heels for country living and gumboots.


Jennifer’s husband came across Kyneton by accident on his way to work one day and immediately knew it was the property of their dreams. The old Italian farm boasted fifty fruit and nut trees, a vineyard, a view of the mountains, and plenty of room for their children to play. Jennifer’s dream of living a sustainable life and being self-sufficient now seemed entirely possible.


She traded her corporate clothes for jeans and gumboots and fully embraced her new lifestyle. Jennifer was further inspired to undertake another of her dreams, to open a food business. Whilst living in Kyneton, Jennifer met Marcus Tomlin who became her business partner and together they have taken over Parkland on Piper Street, one of Kyneton’s newest restaurants. Here Jennifer is able to share her passion for food with her local community and promote the amazing locally produced wine, spirits, meat and fresh produce.


Jennifer says that no matter what your life goal is, Kyneton is the place where you can ‘live your best life’. Have you visited Kyneton yet?