Kyneton on Riverside will be a vibrant new neighbourhood that is home to a diverse, healthy community; a place that reinforces the local economy and character of Kyneton.

Nestled into the rolling hills on the south side of the Campaspe River, Kyneton on Riverside builds on the unique and valued characteristics of the Kyneton township whilst taking advantage of contemporary design and energy efficiency opportunities.

Strategically located close to existing infrastructure including the Kyneton train station, primary and secondary schools, Kyneton on Riverside presents
a rare opportunity to create a neighbourhood where residents can walk and cycle to their daily needs.

Significant parklands along the Campaspe River will create new amenities for both new and established residents of the township bringing the communities together.

Quality Housing

The architectural styles encouraged in this neighbourhood are contemporary interpretations of traditional Australian country homes. The homes and architecture should draw on the architectural proportions, language and materials of the historic cottages and homes in Kyneton without resorting to mock period reproduction homes.

These design guidelines are intended to ensure that the strengths of traditional Australian house designs and details are captured without limiting the opportunity for contemporary homes, modern materials and finishes or personal expression.

The guidelines facilitate and encourage a diverse range of house styles and designs. This will ensure a considered and co-ordinated character across the neighbourhood that reflects and contributes to the identity and urban quality of Kyneton.


With lot sizes to suit all walks of life and the proposed installation of the Kyneton Bridge which will connect old Kyneton to the KOR neighbourhood, the entire community has been considered throughout the crafting of Kyneton on Riverside.