5 Ways To Calm

woman meditating on sunset

It’s easy to become anxious during this uncertain time. Here are some tried and tested ways to calm yourself or those around you.


Limit your consumption of social media and news: Whilst it is great to stay updated on what is happening in the world, the onslaught of negative news or the reiteration of the same news can wear down the best of us. Choose a few times a day to check the media and only read from well-regarded sources. Stay informed, not overwhelmed.


Meditate: Whether you are a seasoned meditator or not, the act of sitting or lying still and concentrating on your breath can have profoundly calming effects. If you find it difficult to get into the zone, there are plenty of meditation apps to assist both adults and children.


Exercise: It is common knowledge that moving makes us feel good. If you have pent up anxiety or stress, a good jiggle, jog or jump can assist you in releasing that negative energy. Choose an exercise that you enjoy or that suits your situation. Get the kids involved in a backyard cricket or soccer game. Put some music on loud for a family dance-off. Have running races. Watch and practise along to a yoga or pilates video. The possibilities are endless.


Do something you love: What are you passionate about? Usually, the things that we love doing can steer us into a calmer mood. Whether it is reading, making music, cooking or gardening, focus your mind on something you enjoy and leave the rest behind.


Connecting with people: This is tricky because some people may want to talk at length about the current situation. This may be exactly what you are trying to avoid. Call someone you trust,  who you know will listen to you and encourage a positive mindset. You could also try: hugging the loved ones whom you live with; calling someone in isolation who wants to hear a friendly voice; sending a letter; or doing a good deed.


How do you keep calm when you are stressed? We would love for you to share your ideas too.




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