Here’s How to Lift Kyneton Up During These Uncertain Times

If there is ever a time to band together, it is now. Fortunately, the people of Kyneton are old hands at this. We thrive on assisting each other in times of need and the COVID19 situation will be no different. What can we do to keep our town running smoothly? The answers are quite simple and easy to do.


Follow safety guidelines: Keep updated on the current guidelines to avoid contracting and spreading COVID19. Wash your hands with soap regularly, avoid touching your face, maintain social distance rules and self isolate if you need or are instructed to do so.


Shop locally: There is no need to look elsewhere for produce and goods. Shop at local businesses and have products dropped to your home if necessary. Local shops and eateries are adapting their services and hours so that you can still access everything you require.


Shop smart: There is still no reason to hoard goods; there is plenty to go around. Do your usual shop and purchase only what you need. If you are in a position to buy food to donate to those in need, that would be an added bonus to the community.


Check in on people: Check-in on those in your immediate circle, particularly if they are elderly or vulnerable. Whether you provide some extra food, goods, or just make a friendly phone call, kindness and care are paramount in times like these.


Share the good: Share positivity, kindness and hope with those around you. Share optimistic posts on social media, update your neighbours about local initiatives and do good deeds. Whilst there may fake news and negativity, there is also plenty of positives and goodwill. Be part of the kind crowd.

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