The best hikes to explore on Mount Macedon

mount macedon walking trails

If you are looking for the best things to do in Kyneton and its surrounds, look no further than beautiful Mount Macedon on the horizon. A popular holiday spot in Victoria, Mount Macedon is just a short drive from Kyneton and boasts beautiful hikes, charming coffee shops, restaurants and wineries. Whilst the list of walking trails are is significant, here are a few select favourites.

Camel’s Hump
Camel’s Hump is noticeable when driving towards Mount Macedon, jutting out from the mountain like its namesake. The walk up and down is an easy 1.3 kilometres with delightful rocky outcrops to explore along the way, making it a great one for families. The trek usually takes around 20 minutes and the view from the lookout is sensational.

Sanatorium Lake
Sanatorium Lake is another family friendly trail with a series of tracks where you can choose your own adventure. For those with the time and energy, the circuit loop from Day’s Car Park allows you to become fully immersed in the forest and its charming fairy-like ambience. For a cheat’s version, drive to the Lions Head Road Car Park for the quickest route to the lake. To add another element to your hike, why not download The Murmuring Walk from the Council website? This multi-layered audio guided walk incorporates the entire network of trails around the lake.

Mount Towrong Loop
For a more challenging walk, the trail from Bawden Road up to the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross is 4.8 kilometres and takes around an hour and a half. While steep in some parts, the journey through towering trees and ferns, and the spectacular Cross and panoramic view at the summit, make for a satisfying hike. Likewise, the Mount Towrong Loop (slightly longer at 5.5 kilometres) has a steep incline at the beginning. Enjoy the magnificent lookout halfway up the steps, and the changing landscape and vegetation which features both native and exotic fauna.