Kyneton U3A Choir – First Grant Recipient

Kyneton U3A Choir

The University of the Third Age (U3A) Choir in Kyneton is elated to announce that it has become the first recipient of the Kyneton on Riverside Community Grant, securing a grant of $500.

Cathryn Leigh, a dedicated member of the U3A Choir, emphasises that the choir is more than just locals gathering to sing, but brings the community together by offering an outlet to sing and enjoy a sense of belonging.

Cathryn moved to Kyneton 17 months ago from the Mornington Peninsula. After owning a boutique store and experiencing the challenges of the pandemic, Cathryn and her husband purchased a block of land at Kyneton on Riverside, ideal for their retirement.

With a background in dance and singing, Cathryn relished the opportunity to join the choir in Kyneton. Conducted by Adam Prezlocki, a well-known choir master of the Sunbury Divine Divas and Rainbow Voices. “The quality of our sound has improved under his direction due to his wealth of knowledge in current techniques in vocal coaching, breathwork and enunciation,” says Cathryn.

The U3A Choir is grateful for any financial support from local businesses to keep the organisation running, the ability to employ such a prestigious conductor, and pay for sheet music, and hall hire costs amongst other things.

“The grant from Kyneton on Riverside is most appreciated and will assist in keeping the choir operating for the rest of the year.”

The U3A Choir meets for two hours each Thursday at the Mechanics Institute in Kyneton and holds various performances throughout the year. New members are always welcome to the U3A Choir and any further financial assistance is appreciated to keep this important community group alive.

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