Kyneton On Riverside – Supporting Kyneton During the Coronavirus Climate

family holding hands during sunset

Covid-19 has hit everyone hard. The KOR team acknowledges that it will be a trying time for our community but we are here to support you as best we can. Even though there have been no confirmed cases as yet in the Macedon Ranges, the precautions taken to keep people safe have had ramifications.


Our local sports, clubs and businesses are doing it tough, particularly those in the hospitality and the arts. Tourism is a huge part of our town’s offering, so we expect that this will have a significant impact. Panic and uncertainty have also been widespread. The influx of outsiders to the region coming to stock up on produce and goods has reiterated that we need to look after each other and especially the vulnerable in our town.


We will be sharing ideas of how we can best lift each other up and remain safe and positive. There already have been many wonderful practices taken up by local businesses and associations to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus.


We will be running a specific blog series over the coming weeks to keep you informed of how you can support our locals and where to go if you need assistance yourself.


We will also deliver ideas of how to keep calm during what is a confusing climate; some self-isolation ideas; and general health boosters. It is at times like these when Kyneton really comes into its own. We are a close-knit regional town with a big heart. We want you to know that we are walking beside you every step of the way.


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