Watts Fresh: A taste of the country

Dean and Sherill Lamb are owners of Watts Fresh in Kyneton, a traditional green grocery store that has been an integral part of the township since its inception in 1944. Dean’s family are also long-time residents of Kyneton, going back four generations. Although they have moved and worked in various locations, Kyneton, Victoria is the place they call home.

Dean and Sherill moved back to Kyneton in 2011 after a 13-year absence and noticed that although the town retained its village feel, there had been a paradigm shift. After experiencing the town suffering many years earlier after the freeway bypass was put in, Dean was pleased to note many newcomers to the town upon his return, particularly artists, who were keen to be part of the community. The Lambs themselves were welcomed back into Kyneton with open arms and purchased and revived Watts Fresh, which is located on Mollison Street.

When asked what Dean loves about Kyneton, he immediately replied, “The weather,” and spoke of enjoying how the seasons are distinct in the region. This is fitting given Watts Fresh prides itself on supporting local farmers and growers and is well-stocked with seasonal produce.

Dean believes Kyneton is a tourism hotspot as “It’s the first taste of the country when people leave Melbourne”, and also because it is an easy day trip whether by car or train. The store receives its fair share of regular visitors from Bendigo, Melbourne and as far as Kerang, such is its popularity. Dean also attributes Kyneton’s tourists to the myriad of fresh air destinations in the area such as Camel’s Hump, Mount Macedon, Trentham Falls, and the Lauriston and Malmsbury Reservoirs.

Have a taste of the country, and add this to the things to do in Kyneton this weekend to experience what this amazing hub has to offer, no matter the season. And don’t forget to check out Watts Fresh and stock up on the region’s finest produce.