Significant Development Begins

new roundabout kyneton on riverside

Kyneton on Riverside is abuzz with exciting developments both on-site and behind the scenes.

A civil contractor has been engaged to implement a roundabout and traffic lights along Campaspe Drive, paving the way for safer and more convenient travel. Although some residents may experience minimal disruptions during this period, the long-term benefits for the community are undeniable.

The restoration of the original homestead nestled within Kyneton on Riverside is progressing well. The team is currently working on replacing the timber flooring, revamping the deck, and repairing the corrugated iron roof. It is a true labour of love, and our team is hard at work to ensure that its charm and character will be preserved for generations to come.

The housing construction across stages 6 and 14 is also progressing well, and the council is expected to complete vegetation works and maintenance in stages 4 and 6, further enhancing the overall appeal and sustainability of the community.