Kyneton Community Grant – Making an Impact

Community Grant

At Kyneton on Riverside, we are dedicated to supporting local community groups, which is why we introduced a community grant initiative aimed at creating a positive impact in our community. Recently, Kyneton High School was a successful recipient of this grant.

They used the money to create an HPV (human-powered vehicle). The HPV is a three-wheeled recumbent vehicle that students work together with staff and community members to design and build, then train to compete in the Energy Breakthrough Race. The program was introduced to Kyneton High School in 2023 by Ms. DeMoel. She has been a part of the HPV racing community since Year 9, when she first raced in the Energy Breakthrough as a student.

The grant from Kyneton on Riverside enabled the team to buy materials. We want to hear from you. to assist with the construction of the vehicle, as well as help fund consumables for the students during the race. “We were very grateful for the donation, and we couldn’t have done it without it!” said Ms. DeMoel. KHS came 7th in their category, which was a fantastic result for a first-year team! With a number of the schools participating in this race annually for over 20 years, they are extremely proud of KHS’s first-year results. KHS goals for 2024 are to have two teams entered into the Energy Breakthrough and give more students the opportunity to have this fantastic experience.

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