Kyneton – Your Keys to a Real Community

kyneton victoria

One of the most common pitfalls of a modern lifestyle is the absence of a sense of belonging. Too often, people can live in a crowded neighbourhood and still feel isolated. Kyneton on Riverside has been built entirely around the vision of fostering a strong community. Lots and their features have been carefully selected and designed to protect the personal space and privacy of residents, but KOR has simultaneously dedicated particular attention to common areas, facilities and initiatives that contribute to a sense of community.

Bike and Running Trails

The revitalised riverbank trail is a safe, accessible track for residents looking for a place to have their daily jog, a leisurely ride on their bike or a relaxing stroll in picturesque natural surroundings. The lawns overlooking the river’s edge and the beauty of the waterbirds frolicking on the Campaspe River are the perfect place for a friendly catch-up. The quality of open spaces within the community also features barbeque and picnic facilities to be enjoyed by residents.

Community Amphitheatre

A specially designed concert amphitheatre will welcome members of the community for special events, activities and gatherings. Inspired by ancient cultures, an amphitheatre is the ideal setting to create a communal atmosphere and motivate new social connections among neighbours.

Community Hub

The planned community hub combines the essence of a marketplace, corner store, wine showcase, exhibition space and gourmet deli-café Kyneton on Riverside and will also be home to a select group of craftspeople and artisans in the planned Discovery Centre. This landmark has been designed to become a popular meeting place in Kyneton and a space where residents can not only exchange ideas with each other but also get to know the artisans of their township on a personal level.

Community Initiatives

The Kyneton on Riverside development has incorporated several initiatives designed to foster the strengthening of a community spirit and enhance the experiences of its residents. These include a Community Development Fund, Public Art Program and Cultural Foundation. These initiatives will contribute to the quality of life at Kyneton in addition to the many programs addressing practical developments such as educational programs and public transport improvements.