Preparing for a tree change to Kyneton? Do these things first

Before you make a decision to uproot yourself for a tree change, it is wise to get a feel for the place where you are headed. Naturally, it could all go swimmingly and work itself out but it’s important to scope out the town, the facilities and to get a feel for the community and lifestyle before you move. You don’t need to rent for months to come to your decision either, it can be as simple as spending the day, or the weekend.

Explore Kyneton

Kyneton is on the road between Melbourne and Bendigo and it is certainly worth the trip to check it out. There are many aspects of this beautiful regional town to explore. From its natural wonders and children’s parks to its award-winning restaurants, charming shopping strips and entertainment venues, Kyneton will delight you in various ways.

Stay the weekend

If you stay for a few days you will truly get a sense of the buzzing local community and be able to cover more ground. A weekend trip means you can also visit events in the region, whether that be farmers’ markets, plays, musical gigs, wine and gin tastings, or crafting classes. Be there when the native birds greet the day and cosy up with a local wine as the peaceful night settles in after sunset.

Go to the local pub and bakery

The local pub and bakery are important staples of a town and Kyneton are no different. Testing out the town’s food fair is a reasonable test to undertake, and this foodie haven does not disappoint. Have a quiet drink by the fire at the Albion, or sit down for a meal at the Royal George. You must also take the opportunity to try one of the award-winning pies at Country Cobb Bakery.

Talk to locals

Kyneton has friendly folk, and we are sure if you drum up a conversation in the local eateries, parks or pathways, you will be met with a cheery smile and response. Ask a local what they love about living or working in Kyneton and get the story from those who know the town best.

Scope out transport options

Check out the local train station and timetable, as well as how far it is into town from the neighbourhood where you are considering living. Could you ride a bike, walk, or do you need one or two cars? These are all important aspects to consider, especially if you are moving from the city where everything is within walking distance or close to transport.

Investigate child care, school and work opportunities

And in turn, if you have or are planning a family, it is good to know where the various childcare centres, schools and potential workplaces are situated. These may be local or you may look further afield to Bendigo or back along the train line to Melbourne. Kyneton is in a happy spot between two cities, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

A little bit of research goes a long way and adventuring around your potential new town is about as good as it gets. Whilst there may be some significant changes when moving to the country, the majority invites a happier, healthier, more balanced lifestyle. If you are prepared for what to expect from your tree change and feel it is for you, you are more likely to succeed in your new lifestyle.

Visit Kyneton and see it for yourself!


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