Joining the old with the new through landscaping

house and land kyneton

Kyneton on Riverside is really beginning to take shape and is emerging as a beautiful new neighbourhood. Director of Pollen Landscape Architects, Flynn Hart, who oversees the landscaping for the development, shares with us an update on exciting projects happening across multiple stages. 

“Civil works are coming along in the new stages, and you can see the new roads taking shape”, Flynn said, “It’s that exciting time where topsoil and grass seed is spread on the nature strips.” 

Kyneton on Riverside and Pollen have appointed a local contractor, to begin the landscaping and planting of trees. 

Flynn said, “It’s great to have a local contractor appointed who knows the area and who can easily keep on top of the new planting works as well as maintenance to get everything established.” 

A key success of Kyneton on Riverside is supporting, improving, and sustaining the natural features of the area. 

As per the master plan and development philosophy, trees and plants have been chosen for climate resilience, frost tolerance and disease resistance. “Kyneton on Riverside is unique, the plan has always been to incorporate generous tree planting compared to other developments,” Flynn said, “It’s about planting as many trees as possible to create a strong urban canopy throughout the neighbourhood for many years to come.” 

There is a diverse mix of trees which responds well to the Kyneton climate such as maples, eucalypts, oaks, blackwoods and crepe myrtles among others. Flynn said, “The team’s vision is for Kyneton on Riverside to seamlessly join the township so eventually you won’t be able to tell the difference between Old Kyneton and Kyneton on Riverside.” 

There are still so many exciting things planned for the near future. New designs are unfolding to create more walkways, parks, and leafy streets from the river to the railway station.