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Melanie Ryan Alter your health

When people choose to make a tree change, improving their health is more than likely to be a factor. Fortunately, Kyneton is a town where it is easy to make better health a priority. Melanie Ryan has been the proud owner of Alter Your Health in High Street for the past 5 years. She believes there is “Everything you need to support a healthy lifestyle in Kyneton”. She notes the opportunities to connect with nature, enjoy fresh air and open space, slow your pace and embrace calmer energy.

Alter Your Health is perfectly aligned to support your health too. The business specialises in natural health, nutrition and healthy home and lifestyle goods. Their range includes: natural beauty and body products for all skin types; everyday essentials, such as natural deodorants, oral care, shampoo bars and bamboo underwear; items for a healthy home environment, like essential oils and diffusers, beeswax candles, natural cleaning products and water filters; and pantry staples, like superfoods and bulk herbal teas.

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They focus on sourcing products that are natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free, and earth-friendly. Melanie is also a health coach and can offer assistance for various health concerns such as stress and sleep, immune support and gut health, through a carefully selected range of vitamins and supplements.

Melanie says, “I love being a business owner on High Street in Kyneton. Through the ups and downs of business, you never feel like you are alone. Your neighbouring businesses are there to support you and your customers are loyal and want you to succeed. The awareness around shopping local to keep the town’s businesses thriving has never been stronger and more supported by the Kyneton community.”

In turn, Alter Your Health gives back in various ways. They support similarly aligned local businesses that specialise in natural health and wellness services. They also feel strongly about getting behind local fundraisers, (particularly those related to mental health), as well as whole town events, like the Daffodil Festival. Melanie says, “Things that bring joy and community involvement after a couple of tough years are so important to keep alive”.

In her time working in the business, Melanie has noticed more young families moving to Kyneton. Despite its growth, she believes it has maintained its community-minded, small-town charm. In light of the ‘small town feel’, there is still access to many skilled natural health practitioners, services and activities. From yoga, pilates, gyms, sporting clubs, art groups, and book clubs to sound healing, they are all available to support a healthy mind and body.

Melanie says, “We believe in encouraging our customers to take an active role in protecting their health, wellbeing and happiness and to live life to the fullest”. Indeed, in Kyneton, you have many options to alter your health for the better.


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