Kyneton on Riverside and Robert’s Day – the Partnership for Perfect Town Planning

When it comes to Kyneton on Riverside, one of the main objectives of the development planners who envisioned this neighbourhood was to deliver not only a place to live, but to provide residents with the tools and environment to live a better life. The quality of life within a community is affected by many factors and the KOR team was determined to get them right, which is why renowned town planners Robert’s Day joined the team.

Why Robert’s Day?
A company with over 20 years of experience in delivering integrated place, planning, design and architecture services. RD are celebrated for their ability to transform a client’s vision into commercially successful, celebrated and moreover- meaningful spaces. The aspect of their methodology which resounded with the values and vision of KOR was an emphasis on well-being when planning communities. This development set out to deliver more than lots of land; it was designed to house the kind of lives its residents had always longed for. The role of Robert’s Day was to help KOR achieve this result.

The Outcomes Robert’s Day recognised that Kyneton on Riverside represents a celebration of a bygone era within a modern lifestyle. With that in mind, the planners set out to retain a historic character that is distinct to this town, while introducing elements that make the destination more attractive for small businesses and community activities. By bringing these to the town, the wellbeing of the average Kyneton resident would be positively affected.

Landscaping and Design
Quality landscaping, building and home designs with historical influences and retention of the natural beauty of the rural environment all contribute to creating a sense of town character. The design of the town is a nod to its gold rush days, with clear community hubs and meeting places emerging, while also expanding the community to include suburban-style housing. Residents also have access to quality open spaces, walking trails and amenities that encourage outdoor activity and overall wellbeing.

The wellbeing of a community (and the world in general) is closely related to its relationship with the environment. Sustainable living not only protects the natural environment around is, but it also has positive effects on our own health and wellbeing. Robert’s Day incorporated important aspects such as natural retention and rehabilitation, sustainable housing and recycled material into this town plan.

In order to flourish and thrive, this community must strive towards economic prosperity. This has been addressed by KOR and RD in the form of designated commercial areas, a range of mixed-use facilities and land areas that allow for retail and business incubation. In addition, the plan to improve public transport access will significantly impact on Kyneton’s attractiveness as a place of trade, whether it is at the Farmer’s Market or a local IT business. To learn more about Robert’s Day or the kind of life you could be living at Kyneton on Riverside, contact one of our consultants.