A Country Hospital

Kyneton Hospital

Kyneton is a little pocket of paradise. It’s far from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, hectic traffic and noise brought by aeroplanes overhead, commuter traffic, trams and trucks. But whilst the escape from that world brings peace and serenity, it is natural to worry about things like health care and hospitals. Will there be enough locally to look after us?
Luckily, Kyneton has both an ambulance station and a public hospital. In many ways, this hospital is probably more accessible to locals than a city hospital might be to city dwellers. Just off the freeway on the edge of main town centre, there is adequate parking spaces, and unlike many city hospitals, parking is free.
Kyneton District Hospital, whilst coming under the banner of small health care facilities, offers a range of services from pregnancy and birth right through to palliative care. In 2017 the hospital was recognised for their exceptional work and received the Premier’s Small Health Service of the Year award.
Did you know that Kyneton District Hospital’s Urgent Care is available 24 hours, seven days a week? It’s a comfort to know that excellent doctors are available right here in town around the clock. If for some reason the hospital can’t provide the treatment required, they will organise for you to be looked after elsewhere.
What’s the best thing about a country hospital? Like everything in a rural setting, there is a much more relaxed atmosphere. The turnover of staff is also at a minimum due to the location of the hospital. This means you are more likely to become familiar with the doctors, nurses and other staff if you have to visit regularly. The hospital worker we spoke to said she most enjoyed that the staff and regular patients could make meaningful connections. If you decide to make the move to Kyneton, you know that your health will be in good hands.