Interview with a local – James Bennet

kyneton tree change

We spoke to local James Bennet to find out why he loves living on acreage in Kyneton.


James Bennet grew up in Kyneton, left after high school and has since returned. He has fond childhood memories of exploring Turpin Falls, hanging out trackside at the racecourse in the early mornings and fishing at the local waterholes. He says Kyneton has changed significantly over the years but for the better. It has a ‘nice vibe’, and a broad section of everything that residents could want. James says the number of high-quality eateries in Kyneton has increased in the last decade, ensuring that there are many wonderful places to eat or take away.


James attended Sacred Heart College in Kyneton and says the collection of schools to choose from in the area is excellent. Kyneton High School is also within the town; Braemar College (a high-ranking school in the state) is a short drive away, and many students make the commute to the popular Girton Grammar in Bendigo.


James has previously worked as a real estate agent and thinks Kyneton is well-designed and in a great position to grow without losing its country feel. He believes the Kyneton On Riverside property development is in a prime spot and will be ‘the location’ in ten years once the planted trees have grown and it is well established. With the northern sunlight, position on the water and view of Mount Macedon, James believes that people would be wise to invest in one of these properties.


Another reason James thinks Kyneton has an advantage over other regional towns is that there are two water catchments nearby that always have an adequate supply, even in times of drought. They are also excellent places to go canoeing or fishing. When asked what his favourite thing about Kyneton was, James said it was ‘the peace and quiet’.