Design the ultimate laundry

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Washing clothes seems to be a never-ending task. However, if you have that under control, it usually means the household is running well. The answer to this age-old problem? A spacious, eco-friendly and cleverly designed laundry, which can accommodate all the modern appliances, clean and dirty washing, as well as all the other bits and pieces that seem to get relegated there.

The mod cons

These days we are spoiled for choice, with most home laundries having a large sink, washing machine, dryer and even a drying cupboard. Depending on the size and shape of your laundry you may want to have the washing machine and dryer underneath a bench, or stacked on top of each another. Utilizing the space available is paramount because there is always more washing on the way. Another modern convenience that is available to you is a fold-out ironing board. Save the time of dragging out your bulky ironing board with a simple, small board that folds out when you pull a drawer open. This is a clever design at its best.

Washing wish list

Many older homes have poky laundries that are a tight squeeze even before the wash pile moves in. A luxurious amount of bench space is ideal for sorting, folding and storing clean washing before it is taken away. A convenient exit straight out to the clothesline is also convenient. In a busy home, there is often a rush to grab a clean T-shirt off the line, so the closer the hanging clothes to the laundry, the better.

Storage station

The ability to store different types of washing separately is another useful trick if you have the space. You might like large baskets on wheels, which can slide under the bench and be moved through the house to collect laundry. Otherwise, a few floor-to-bench high drawers are perfect for sorting your dirty washing into darks, lights and delicates, ready to wash. A tall broom cupboard for your broom and mop is definitely a must in the ultimate laundry. Overhead shelves or cupboards are also convenient for cleaning and toiletry supplies, green bags, and for nonperishables if you buy in bulk, as overflow from the pantry.

Be green

These days it is easy to be eco-friendly, especially if you plan for it from the outset. Invest in appliances that are energy efficient; you can check their rating before you purchase. Whilst life will call for the use of a dryer at times, hanging your clothes out and drying them naturally is the most environmentally friendly option and it is free! Position your clothesline in a spot where it will receive plenty of sunlight and any breeze for quick drying. Alternatively, a clothesline inside during wet weather, or a drying cupboard that heats when you heat your home, is also energy-saving option. If you have invested in solar for your home, use your appliances during daylight wherever possible to save power and money.

What does your ultimate laundry look like? Would you add anything else?