How Working from Home is Changing House Designs

More people are working from home than ever before, especially due to the ongoing pandemic. Alongside this trend, there has been a change in house designs. People are wanting: rooms that can have various functions, dedicated work spaces, and to bring the outdoors inside.

Multifunctional rooms

In these times of uncertainty, rooms that can be adapted for many purposes, are very welcome. Multifunctional rooms are a move away from open plan design and means that your home can be adapted more easily for work, study, exercise, relaxation or play. Sliding doors or partitions are a great way to separate spaces quickly and easily. Study nooks, hidden storage solutions, and other clever design ideas, allow families to use rooms depending on their specific needs at any time.

Dedicated study spaces

When you are working from home and need a quiet space, it is ideal to have an office room where you can close the door and speak with colleagues and customers in complete privacy. A professional and video worthy background in an office space is also ideal, if you are involved in regular video conferences. Having an inbuilt desk and shelving in your home office, also makes working from home easier, as all your work materials can be stored in one place.

Merging of indoor and outdoor

Whilst lockdowns were extreme examples of being stuck in the same space for multiple weeks or months, it reinforced our need to connect with nature. Large windows, skylights, high ceilings, window seats, porches and alfresco areas are just a few elements you can include in your house design to open up your home to the outdoors. The use of a soothing colour palette, indoor plants, and natural elements, such as wood, stone and rattan, can also give a sense of calm.

These current trends in home designs are ones that could persist for many years to come, given the state of the world. The benefit of building an adaptable home means that you can enjoy your house for all stages of your life.