Create a Low Maintenance Garden

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Unless you have a green thumb or plenty of free time, creating a low-maintenance garden is ideal, especially on a new property. Achieve a finished look, with minimal effort and upkeep. Forethought, minimalism and clever use of space are all keys for designing your easy-care garden.


Have a plan

Before you get your tools out, draw a plan for your garden. Think about where you might like to have pathways, garden beds, and outdoor living space. It’s important to decide now which types of plants you would like to incorporate because you need to factor in whether they need sun or shade. It is also vital to consider access in and around the garden. Where are the entry and exit points and if you are including a living space, where is the best place to position it?


Less is more

Having a minimal garden is not just about choosing low-maintenance plants, like shrubs, hedges and natives, although that plays a large part. It also means incorporating existing, mature trees. Consider these when you create your design. Planning an easy-care garden bed, in terms of soil and mulch, though it may take time initially, prevents the need for regular weeding, and lessens your maintenance time in the future.


Pathways and open areas

Whilst grassy areas used to be a standard feature of a garden, they are no longer considered essential. Rocks, gravel, pavers and pathways are a great way of creating beautiful spaces minus the upkeep. Think of Japanese gardens and their use of rocks and stones to create a peaceful atmosphere. Simple can be fashionable as well as effective.


There is no shame in opting for a low-maintenance garden. You can still have a beautiful green space that you can enjoy, with significantly fewer hours of care. And for those who are not avid gardeners, the ongoing benefits are obvious.