5 Ideas for Styling Your Outdoor Area

country style outdoor areas

There are a few elements to consider when styling your country-style outdoor areas. Consider incorporating: the calming essence of nature; low-maintenance materials; furniture and fittings that allow for all types of weather; clever storage; and your own personal style.


Blur the lines of outdoor/indoors

Potted plants and the use of natural materials like wood, jute and cane will complement your outdoor area. Continue the lines from inside into the outdoor area to make the space seem bigger. The use of glass doors and windows, or doors that can completely open up to the outside, will bring the tranquillity of nature into the home.


Choose low maintenance

Invest in materials that will weather well and require little upkeep. Tiles that can be hosed down in speckled or darker colours, that do not show the dirt, are ideal. You can buy outdoor cushions that are made to withstand all conditions. At the very least, check how to maintain your outdoor furniture. Can you easily dust or wipe them? Is the cushion covers removable and washable?


Consider all seasons

We run the whole gamut of temperatures and seasons in Victoria. From dry, hot summer days, to chilly wind and snow, it is important to be prepared for it all. Covered al frescos are a must, and consider blinds to keep insects out, and to regulate the temperature of your outdoor space when you need to. Beautiful throws and cushions in bold colours can brighten your outdoor area and give warmth in the cooler months.


Incorporate storage

Invest in beautiful pieces of furniture that double as smart storage. Include shelving above your outdoor bench space for potted herbs, and barbecue essentials, like utensils, oil and seasonings. A beautiful wooden chest can double as a seat or coffee table and can house outdoor sporting equipment. Outdoor lounges with hidden drawers underneath are ideal for holding extra throws for colder evenings.


Keep it homely

Most importantly, your outdoor area should be an extension of the style of your home. Incorporate the colours and textures of the indoors in your outdoor area for seamless design and comfort


Do you have any tips for styling your country-style outdoor areas?