A Perfect Fit: Michelle’s Kyneton on Riverside Journey

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Every Kyneton on Riverside (KOR) story is different, so we spoke to Michelle, a current Kyneton resident, who is planning on making the move to KOR. She gave us the rundown on her reasons for staying in the township, why she chose to build in KOR, and how her new build capitalises on the land’s size and orientation to ensure optimum comfort.


Longtime local

Michelle grew up in Tylden, near Kyneton, and has lots of family and friends in the area. In non-covid times, she commutes to Melbourne, working in IT for a multinational company. For now, like the majority of us, she is working from home. As a long time local, Michelle is well versed in Kyneton’s best aspects: the friendliness of the people; the fact that the town is steeped in history; and the ability to enjoy a country lifestyle with easy access to the city.


A country vibe

When Michelle began searching for land around Kyneton, she wanted something smaller than her current block to enable less maintenance and more use of clever design. She was drawn to KOR because of the choice of lot sizes and its wonderful character. Michelle says “I liked the feel…and the careful thought put into the planning of the development. The roads are wider and appreciate the fact that the building guidelines ensure that all the houses, whilst having the capacity to be customised, would maintain the country vibe.’



Practical and stylish

Michelle chose her block not only for its size, but because it had a wide, 20 metre frontage. She intends to maximise the orientation of the property for the placement of the North/West sun (on the garden), and for its stunning views. Michelle has built a home before and wanted to do something different the second time around. Her custom layout lends itself to a more pleasant experience and the design is centred around a country style. Michelle is sourcing elements for her home inspired by traditional English country homes.


Maximum living potential

Having built before, Michelle was more aware of how to plan for bringing the outside indoors and how to make the most of the space with versatile rooms. Her plan has one of the 4 bedrooms as a dedicated study; now a must-have since the onset of the pandemic. The design includes a ‘My Room’, which is alfresco that can function as a room all year round. The sliding glass doors on the two outside walls of the room go cleanly into special cavities. This means that the room can be fully opened up when there is good weather, or can be closed up and keep the warmth of the sunshine when the cold Kyneton winter sets in.


It is evident that Michelle has carefully designed her home to suit her lifestyle and to get the most out of the beautiful location. Want to watch the progress of Michelle’s build? You can follow her as she continues on her building journey @riverside_build22