Gold Standard Waterway Restoration

pollen studio

Kyneton on Riverside has been working with Pollen Studio Landscape Architects to restore a disturbed waterway that flows into the Campaspe River.

Flynn Hart, Pollen Director and Registered Landscape Architect said, “Council’s environment team asked us to set the ‘gold standard’ for waterway restoration projects across the municipality and we jumped at the chance to deliver something special at Kyneton on Riverside”.

The ambitious planting plan successfully implemented almost 25,000 plants and transformed a farm drainage line into a diverse, buzzing and ever-changing ecosystem. Plants were carefully selected from the local EVC (Ecological Vegetation Class) in consultation with local nurseries, Council officers, contractors and regeneration experts.

As part of the project, Pollen commissioned a review of the plan’s ecological and biodiversity value by Practical Ecology. Recommendations from this review led to greater species diversity, climate resilience and habitat values than conventional projects.

Hart said, “We wanted to go above and beyond. An Ecologist was commissioned to ensure that we set a new, more sustainable, standard in waterway restoration. We improved ecological value by bringing life back to an old waterway. We wanted to make a vibrant living centrepiece”

Because of its strong environmental values, the project attracted the attention of Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). Prior to the pandemic, the implementation was to include working bees, led by CVA, with participation from local residents.

Hart said, “Land management at Kyneton on Riverside has been focused not only on environmental improvement but also creating unique places for people inspired by all that Kyneton offers”.

This project helped to set a new benchmark for waterway revegetation projects in the region and will continue to directly influence community identity and the local environment.

Hart said of the project, “This is only the first phase of the waterway restoration; we will continue to restore the site’s waterways as the project progresses, ensuring all inhabitants benefit from this exciting transformation”.