7 Places to Volunteer in Kyneton

One of the wonderful things about living in a regional town is the sense of community. The locals rally around each other and there are numerous projects that are run by volunteers. Whether you are new to the town or a long time local, volunteering is a great way to: meet people, become involved in local projects and to do good. It is commonly known that there are volunteer positions at local opportunity shops and sporting clubs, so we have listed seven other places with varying roles where you can volunteer in Kyneton.


  1. Kyneton Community House: The House offers a range of services to locals, including a place for groups to meet, occasional child care, community-run courses, on the job skills training, programs for kids and a weekly lunch for those in need.


  1. Kyneton Caring Community: KCC functions as an opportunity shop, foodbank, emergency relief and drop-in centre.


  1. Social Foundry: Not only is Social Foundry an inviting cafe with delicious food it also gives locals the opportunity to learn skills in hospitality, conservation, land management and woodwork.


  1. Kyneton District Health: Join the Treehouse Program and give extra assistance to people with additional health needs as well as their carers.


  1. Kyneton Playgroup: Play with the kids and support their parents or caregivers at playgroup sessions.


  1. U3A: U3A stands for the University of the Third Age and connects ordinary people in an older age bracket who are keen to learn new things. They are often looking for people to run courses in their expertise.


  1. Kyneton Connections: Delivering local news is an important task, especially for those who are not online. Why not get some exercise whilst doing your volunteer work and deliver the Kyneton Connect bi-monthly newsletter?


Do you have skills or an interest in any of the areas mentioned above? Get in contact with these associations and become a volunteer today.