Kyneton Historic Walking Tours

historic walking tours

Do you have an hour to spare this week? Are you looking for things to do in Kyneton this weekend? Why not take yourself or the family for some exercise and throw in a history lesson for good measure? Pop into the Kyneton Information Centre on your way into the town and ask for the brochure on the Kyneton Town Walks. There are two tours to choose from and you take yourself so you can go at your own pace. The first takes you past fourteen historic buildings and is approximately 1.75 kilometres. The second incorporates a few more and takes you further out of the centre of town, a total distance of 2.5 kilometres.


Kyneton was one of the first European settlements in Victoria and many of the beautiful original buildings still stand, dating back to as early as 1836. You need not be an expert to take a tour. All you need is the brochure with the map to assist you in deciding where to go. Of course, you may choose to walk the tour at your own leisure and in any order you choose.


Many of the locations will be known to you already such as Sacred Heart College, the Albion Hotel, the Shire Hall, Kyneton Courthouse and St Paul’s Church. These landmarks are in plain view on the town’s main roads, looking prestigious amongst the modern shops and cafes. Other constructions are further from the town centre such as the Botanic Garden gates, Kyneton Railway Station and Mollison Street Bridge.


The brochure outlines a short history of each construction: the dates they were built, when extensions or changes were made; the materials used to build them and any interesting facts to note. You can easily walk with a pram and the trail is peppered with many lovely local eateries. Learn a little about Kyneton’s history, get some exercise and support local shops in kyneton, all in one go.