5 Things You Need to Know when Moving to Regional Victoria

moving to regional victoria

Undertaking a tree or sea change is more than just moving houses. Before you move to regional Victoria or any other country town, there are some unique differences from city living that are good to know.

Local clubs and sports are king

In a country town, the local sporting and community clubs are a key part of regional living. Not only do they bring the existing community together, they also provide a way for newcomers to become involved, and make new connections.


The pace of life is slower

There are many benefits to a slower pace of life, like better mental health, less traffic and queues. However, you may need to adapt to certain aspects it brings. Whilst city shops and cafes have long opening hours, and trains run almost around the clock, country businesses and regional transport don’t have the demand to be open all hours. You will have to be more flexible and open to waiting for certain services.


Natural wonders are at your fingertips

Excursions to beautiful natural wonders like waterfalls and mountain ranges, that would previously have involved a day trip from the city, are now at your doorstep. In a regional town you have the luxury of enjoying a rock climb or bush walk as part of your daily routine.


Wildlife is prolific

The proximity to nature also means there is more wildlife to enjoy in your backyard or the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, it does mean you need to be careful on the roads, particularly at dawn or dusk. It is helpful to report any injured wildlife when you come across them to your local authority.


Fire safety

If you have a traditional country home or a large property, open fireplaces, fire pits or bonfires are likely to be part of your new life. This means collecting kindling, and purchasing chopped wood, unless you want to collect it and cut it yourself. If you are in a bush fire zone, you will also need to have a fire plan. Larger properties need to be maintained to reduce the chance of fire.

With any lifestyle change, there will always be new aspects that will delight or challenge you. In giving up your city life, you may have to be a little flexible but the overall benefits of a country lifestyle make it all worthwhile.