5 Summer Fun Ideas in Kyneton

victoria summer holidays ideas

If you are looking for some fun summer holiday ideas to enjoy the end of summer in Kyneton, look no further. We have found five fantastic activities to enjoy the balmy nights, blisteringly hot days and beautiful sunshine.


  1. Visit the Kyneton Community Park: It is in these summer months that our local park comes into its own. The shady trees stave off the worst of the direct sunlight and there is a water play area that comes on from 10 am. On milder days it is the perfect place for a picnic on the grass, a play on the equipment or a hit of cricket.
  2. Relax at the local library: It might not be the obvious choice but the library is a lovely place to escape to the heat for some quiet time. The Kyneton Library has WiFi access, computers with internet for public use, a local history collection, photocopying and printing services, as well as the usual library staples. Browse the books and cosy up in the corner for a cool change.
  3. Chill out at Turpin Falls: Situated in Langley, a short drive from Kyneton, are these beautiful falls, hidden beneath the road level. Take the trek down the path into this serene spot, sit on the rocks in the shade and enjoy the stunning view.
  4. Eat out(side) at a local restaurant: Many local restaurants and cafes in Kyneton have outdoor areas where you can sit in the balmy evening air. Let the kids run around while you clink your glasses and chow down on your favourite food. Check out Ruby Cafe, Social Foundry, Major Tom’s, Parklands and The Albion Hotel.
  5. Take a Campaspe River Walk: What could be more beautiful on a summer evening than taking a stroll and enjoying nature at its best? Forget walking in the midday heat, make the most of daylight saving twilight with after-dinner exercise through some of Kyneton’s best parklands.


What is your favourite summer activity?