Create the Illusion of Space in your Home with these Simple Tricks

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With house prices on the rise, many of us cannot afford the large, open house of our dreams. Luckily, a smaller house does not have to translate to living in a poky, dark home. There are many simple tricks you can employ when designing your house to create the illusion of space.


Light colours 

Choose from white or light colours for the walls in your home and for large pieces of furniture. This will make the space seem airier. 


Let the sunshine in

Allowing natural light into your home is both pleasant as well as economical. Large windows and glass doors can be used throughout the house to bring the outdoors inside. If placed in the correct places, you can also utilise the sunshine to both lighten your home, and warm it in the cooler months.



Similarly, mirrors can assist in creating the illusion of more space. Whether on sliding doors in the bedrooms, as a centrepiece on a wall, or as a splashback in the kitchen, your home will appear much larger when reflected back onto itself.


High pitched roofs

If you are limited in the width and depth of your property’s block, consider extending the height of the roof as another way to increase space. Although it may not necessarily be utilised in the same way, (unless you have considered adding another storey), the empty space in the roof cavity, will create airiness as well as a sense of grandeur.


Continuous lines

By continuing the same colour on the walls, same flooring or even shelving from the inside into the outdoor area, you will give the sense of more space. A continuation of clean lines is also stylish.


With all these tricks in your toolbox, you can create a light and spacious home, without overextending your budget.