Weatherboard Homes

kyneton weatherboard houses

Weatherboard homes are on-trend

Weatherboard homes started to regain popularity over the last few years and no doubt, with their featuring on the upcoming season of The Block, this style of home will become even more fashionable. There are many things to love about weatherboard homes: the classic holiday and simplistic feelings they evoke, the quality and durability of the materials used, and the versatility of the design.

Post pandemic purpose

Weatherboard homes have always been a traditional Australian structure, whether in the country, on the coast or in urban areas. Following the pandemic, the needs of people have changed dramatically. As the home has evolved to become a place of work, rest and play for many, it needs to encapsulate the ability to ‘holiday at home, which is perfectly addressed by the resort-like Hamptons style. Functionality is also a desired aspect in 2022 and can be achieved through the practicality and simplicity of Scandinavian-inspired homes. Interestingly, both of these have weatherboards as a signature element of their design.

Weathering better

The thought of weatherboards might be concerning to some, when we consider the prevalence of bushfires in Australia, especially in the countryside and rural areas. Whilst this was a valid argument in the past, new weatherboards are vastly different to their original counterparts. They are manufactured to be fire-resistant, environmentally friendly (devoid of non-toxic materials), and to weather better than ever before, making them truly stack up compared to bricks and other building materials.

Clean and classic

Weatherboards exude both simplicity and elegance, the perfect combination to make a house a place of enjoyment and relaxation. The clean lines paired with classic palettes will make your house stand out in a good way. The way you achieve your unique look can be done through various methods, as there are endless possibilities of finishes and designs to choose from to create either a traditional or more modern aesthetic.

If you are building your dream house, consider weatherboards as an option. We will also follow with interest how The Block contestants revamp their weatherboard structures in the 2022 season to create beautiful and functional country homes.