U3A Kyneton: Connecting and educating retirees

u3a kyneton

Getting to a certain age and retiring from full-time work doesn’t mean disconnecting from the world and living a mundane life. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and expand your interests, and U3A is a great vehicle for that. U3A stands for the University of the Third Age and is a not-for-profit association. It connects ordinary people who are keen to learn new things.

U3A has 109 locations across Victoria alone, and one of these is in Kyneton. This branch is in its twelfth year and well established in the region with just under 200 members. Being in your Third Age is the only requirement to join. If you are retired or semi-retired, joining U3A is a wonderful starting point to meet other senior citizens. U3A Kyneton meets every Friday and listens to a speaker who is an expert in their field. Then afterwards there is the opportunity to have a cup of tea and chat.

As well as regular meetings, U3A also provides a variety of courses to expand your learning. Unlike traditional universities, you can enrol in any course, no matter your background or expertise. There are ongoing courses or social events such as film and book clubs, table tennis and bike riding. And there are also stand-alone courses such as American Government Policies, languages, photography and poetry writing. Some courses involve excursions as well. The local U3A member we spoke to commented that “there is something for everyone”.

There is a small annual fee to become a member of U3A. From that point enrolling in most of the courses is free or the price is simply to cover the cost of materials and refreshments. If you are in your third age and have recently moved to Kyneton or are heading into retirement, why not become involved in this rewarding association? You’re never too old to learn!
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