Kyneton: A Retiree’s Haven

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Deciding where to retire is a huge decision and the ideal place will vary depending on the individual. Stereotypically, retirees want somewhere they can relax, with great facilities, reliable public transport and plenty to keep them occupied. A place with a strong sense of community is important too as they now have more time to become involved and form strong friendships. We spoke to Peter, a retiree from Kyneton, about how he fills his time.

Peter has been retired in Kyneton for seven years after leaving the busyness of city life. Whilst Kyneton has plenty to offer, Peter comments that you have to be prepared to put yourself out into the community. Once you take the first step, the welcoming Kyneton people will do the rest. Since joining the gym and selling some of his photography at the local market, Peter has found that the connections he made through those activities have opened up more opportunities to become involved.

No matter what you are interested in, Kyneton has something to fit the bill. There are a variety of sporting clubs; community groups such as Probis, Rotary and U3A; and many opportunity shops or groups that need volunteers. Peter confides that being retired is a full-time job! He runs photography courses for community education, volunteers at one of the local op shops, coaches youngsters in lawn bowls and enjoys treading the local walking tracks with his dogs. Peter says that though it may seem unlikely, walking your dog is a great way to meet other locals and form friendships.

In terms of facilities, Peter feels that in the event something did happen to him health-wise, he knows he is not stranded. The ambulance station and hospital are a comforting presence in the town. And if Peter ever wants to visit his friends back in Melbourne, he knows that the train is an easy and comfortable way to travel and will get him there in less than an hour. There is also a regular local bus that has a couple of routes around the town. Peter spoke to us from the back verandah of his property overlooking the undulating landscape and describes his lifestyle as ‘idyllic’. Have you considered retiring to Kyneton?