Kyneton Kids Spreading Kindness

The Covid19 situation has brought about its challenges but has also shown us the best of people, and the best of our little people. Kyneton kids have been spreading kindness through our community these last few weeks and delighting old and young alike.

When self-isolation regulations commenced, various social media campaigns were also started to combat the loneliness that ensued. One encouraged people to put teddy bears in the windows of their home that were visible from the street. This was so that when people were out for their daily exercise, they could go ‘on a bear hunt’ and see how many teddy bears they could count. This was especially enjoyable for young children who are not able to go to parks and playgrounds anymore.

Yet another initiative, in a similar vein, involved putting rainbows out for people to discover. These might have been in the form of a painting or decoration in a window or colourful chalk drawings on the footpath. Individuals were adding their own words of encouragement and positivity to these in order to lift the spirits of the community.

Children are also using their time at home to write letters to their grandparents or for the residents in Kyneton’s nursing homes. The elderly are even more isolated than usual as they are at a higher risk of contracting the virus and must take more safety precautions. The heartfelt letters from children in the community are a spark of joy in their day and let them know that even though we cannot see them, they are in our thoughts.