10 Fun Food Activities To Do With the Kids At Home

There is no better time to get the children involved in cooking at home than now. It could easily be part of your homeschooling as it incorporates many educational aspects. It is great for measuring, reading (of recipes), exploring scientific principles (how different foods react with each other), encouraging creativity, and teaching about healthy food choices. Not to mention there are plenty of sensory benefits and key life skills to be learnt too. Here are some tried and tested ten fun food activities to do with the kids at home. 

Rum balls/bliss balls: These are usually simple and easy recipes that even young children can master. Simply blend ingredients together, form them into balls and roll in crushed nuts or coconut.

Cupcakes: Whether you whip up your own cupcake recipe or use a packet mix, the kids will love icing these and decorating them in their own unique style.

Muesli bars: These are a great way to get your kids to eat their share of nuts and seeds and they keep for a long time in the pantry too. 

Fruit creations: Make 3D creations, faces or landscapes. Your little makers can use their imaginations to their heart’s content and then devour their creations.

Playdough: It is not quite a food but playdough is fun to make and to keep on using. It is another way to learn colours and experiment with mixing them. Remember to store the playdough in an airtight container so that it doesn’t lose its elasticity.

Bake bread: The science of baking bread will fascinate little (and big!) minds. There are many easy recipes online. Watch the dough rise as it proves. Bake it for a delicious result of fresh, piping hot bread.

Burgers: The kids will love getting their hands dirty combining the burger ingredients in a bowl and forming them into patties. Building your own burger once the patties are cooked is lots of fun too.

Spaghetti, pasta and gnocchi: This is another wonderful sensory activity. Combine ingredients, knead the dough and form it into your favourite pasta. Gnocchi is probably the easiest type to make but you could challenge yourself by attempting tortellini, spaghetti and others.

Pizza: Go all out and create your own dough if you like or decorate premade bases. Have the children help chop and grate ingredients and let them make their own dinner!

Icypoles: Put chopped fruit or juiced fruit and vegetables into icypole molds to freeze. They will be perfect for those warmer autumn days that occur every so often.

Have we missed any of your favourites?