Kyneton: A Safe Town

kyneton vic

There are many reasons to move to Kyneton but one of the biggest drawcards of the country lifestyle is the low crime rate that goes with it. The welcoming community and lifestyle free from the stressors of city living make for more involved, content people, and a safer town for all.

It is fair to say that Kyneton’s small population size, laidback atmosphere and bigger blocks mean there is less conflict in general. No one is sitting in traffic for inordinate amounts of time, loitering waiting for taxis in the early hours of the morning, and the youth have plenty of clubs and activities to keep them feeling connected and included.

Crimes against the person in Kyneton, specifically, are a third lower than the average for the state, and public offences are nearly half of the Victorian average. A Kyneton woman we spoke with, who is a new resident, remarked on the friendliness of people when she was out and about for her morning walk. The hospitable community makes her feel safe.

In fact, all the locals we have interviewed have expressed their love of the strong sense of community in Kyneton. This translates to peace of mind, especially for the groups in our society who feel the most vulnerable. Kyneton also boasts a 24-hour police station; an extra asset for a rural town.

In reality, the safety of Kyneton means embracing life as it used to be. A place where the elderly can walk down the street and feel safe. A place where children can ride their bikes on the street and play on nature trips with their neighbourhood friends. A place where you know the people in your community and can rest assured that a friendly face and helping hand are always just around the corner.

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