Interview with a local – Victoria Wells

Kyneton has its share of new and long-time residents. We spoke to Victoria Wells who has recently moved to the area with her husband and son. Victoria has been living in Kyneton for the past six months and has been impressed by the friendliness of the people and the wide variety of amenities and services. She also appreciates the historical significance of the town. Victoria admires the old established houses and trees that have survived since Kyneton’s settlement over one hundred and fifty years ago.


The move to Kyneton has also had a positive impact on Victoria’s family’s lifestyle. Her son was already attending one of the local high schools and their move allows him more independence to ride to school and into the town centre. Most school days he rides through the Botanical Gardens to Kyneton On Riverside where he meets a friend to continue to school with. This is a stark contrast to his previous early morning wake ups and commute by school bus. To add to this, Victoria cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the school and the excellent communication between staff and parents.


Whilst Victoria has not joined any local clubs yet, she is an avid supporter of community projects. She runs To Turn A Page: Shared Reading Victoria which is a not for profit organisation. It runs out of various neighbourhood houses in the shire and assists in combatting social isolation. These circles are a safe, non-judgemental space for people to connect with themselves and each other. The reading is the vehicle for the conversation about the text, and an entry point into talking about feelings.


Victoria’s favourite thing about Kyneton is that she has found she is doing more bike riding and walking. This is due to the flatter landscape and her proximity to the town and services. Are you ready to embrace the tree change to Kyneton?


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