7 Ways to Boost Your Health

What better time than now to focus on your health? And not just your physical wellbeing but your mental, spiritual and emotional states. If you are self isolating, this is more pertinent than ever. Try not to let the fact that you are confined to your house dampen your spirits. Here are seven ways to boost your health from home.


  1. Connect with nature:Get out for a walk, jog or bike for some fresh air. Otherwise, sit out on your front or back porch, stand on your grass if you have any, and ground yourself. Close your eyes and listen to the birds, feel the air on your face and body and take some deep breaths.


  1. Connect with your people: Check in with family and friends via phone, social media, messenger and video applications. It is important to maintain relationships for your own sanity and to support others too. We are all in the same boat and it is vital that we are there for one another.


  1. Start a gratitude journal: Noting down what you are thankful for each day has been proven to assist people in maintaining a positive attitude. In times like these, when we are overwhelmed by negative news and uncertainty, this is even more important.


  1. Eat real food: Make your meal plan as full of fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. The wider variety of produce you eat, the more nutrients your body can utilise when colds come knocking. Try to incorporate more than seven per day. We all know that making food from scratch is infinitely better for your body. If your days will be busy either working or child wrangling (or both!), consider creating lunchboxes or snack packs in the early morning or at night. Make them easily accessible during the day to take the temptation out of eating packaged alternatives.


  1. Limit junk food, alcohol and caffeine: In the same vein, limiting food and drinks with less nutrients will also do wonders for your body. By all means, have your treat each day but try not to let it escalate. This could ultimately affect your mental and emotional state,  leave your body feeling sluggish or make you unable to switch off.


  1. Exercise regularly:At the moment we can still walk the dog, go for a jog or bike ride, so capitalise on this while you can. At home, you might consider playing in the backyard with your kids, jumping with them on the trampoline or doing your own yoga, pilates or gym session. Anything that gets your heart pumping is great. Try to add in incidental exercise too and stand when you can.


  1. Meditate:Your mental wellbeing is vital during this unconventional period. It is stressful and hard to switch off. If you are able to meditate, the effects are going to be more profound than you may think. Use an application on your device to help get you started if you need.


Whilst it would be great to do the majority on this list, putting pressure on yourself could be counterproductive. Do the best you can and small steps are always better than no steps at all. Be kind to yourself.



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