Here’s How to Keep the Kids Occupied at Home

There are plenty of wonderful activities to keep your child occupied at home, you just need to know where to look. Here are a few that we thought are practical and not too time consuming for carers.


Get them walking: Take the kids for a daily walk. Make it that bit more exciting by searching for teddy bears in windows or rainbows in and around people’s houses. There are online groups that are encouraging people to become involved in these activities for this very reason. (That is another task you could do if you haven’t already).


Get them journaling: Many have remarked that this is the perfect time for children to start a journal. Whether they write, scrapbook, take photos or videos, encourage a daily diary that will someday be a slice of history.


Get them a project: You know your child best. Help them organise an extensive or ongoing project that appeals to them. It may be: growing seeds; creating a picture book; making cooking videos; writing and performing songs, dances or plays; perfecting a sporting skill; creating a basic computer game.


Get them gardening and cooking: Get the kids out in the garden, planting, watering and harvesting. Encourage them to cook recipes from your homegrown produce and to have a say in menu planning and meal creation. This is an apt time to teach these important life skills.


Get them cultured: Catch up on new and classic movies or discover documentaries. Get your bookworms to read and review books or your younger children to listen to online storytimes. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is also sharing recorded concerts for budding musicians or music lovers.


Get them online: There are many wonderful resources online for children to use during their time at home. There are exercise videos for kids, literacy and math worksheets, cartooning and creative writing lessons. The majority of these are free. For animal lovers, our Victorian zoos have zoo-cams, where children can view their favourite animals in real time. Whatever your child is interested in, we are sure you can find an online resource that fits the bill.


What are your children’s favourite activities to do whilst at home?



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