A family business since beginning in Bendigo in 2008, Sandhurst Homes has earned a solid reputation in the building industry as an affordable, innovative builder of award winning family homes.

Each home constructed by Sandhurst Homes showcases the highest standard of quality and workmanship with the best materials sourced from leading suppliers.

Slab upgrades & site costs

If you’ve built before, you’ll know that site costs can often be expensive. It shouldn’t necessarily be that way. Beware companies that quote a cheap house, then quote you site costs that seem REALLY high – they may be trying to add some cream into the job to make up for that “cheap” base price, or to cover the cost of a promotion. At Sandhurst Homes, we do not add 30-50% onto our site costs – in fact, we add nothing! You only get charged what it costs us.

When will the house actually start?

A lot of builders can’t start your home until MONTHS after you sign a contract, despite telling you otherwise BEFORE you signed the contract. They figure once you’re signed, it’s easier to string you along and make you wait. By building with Sandhurst Homes, you get to site much quicker for one simple reason – we don’t have long administration processes which will hold up the start date, nor do we get bogged down with huge backlogs of homes. Typically, its only 5-6 weeks from deposit to contract signing, and 2 weeks to get the building permit – and then we start straight away!

What does a promotion include?

Some promotions seem too good to be true (e.g. $50,000 worth of stuff for $5,000 – not possible!). Look closely – usually the retail value of those goods has been well and truly trumped up (we recently saw a large builder state that tiling 2 shower bases was worth $3300 but they were offering it for free!!! Actual cost, probably about $700 for both shower bases). At Sandhurst Homes, if we offer promotions or discounts, it comes straight out of our own pocket, which is why we only run promotions sporadically and for short periods of time! Instead, we give you the best price first time, every time.

Homes designs built by Sandhurst

Where to find us

421 Napier St, White Hills VIC

0432 811 757 or 1800-SANDHURST (1800 726 348)

Office Hours
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Saturday to Sunday: 11am – 4pm


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