Positive Self Isolation Ideas Everyone Can Get Behind

Whilst we are all stuck in the same situation at the moment, it does not hurt to look at the positive sides to being at home. Here are some self isolation ideas that everyone can get behind.


Set yourself a routine: If you are working from home, home schooling or both, it is always worth having some sort of routine so your children know what to expect and to create some sense of normality. A flexible schedule with fixed eating, work/school/chore and free times, may enhance productivity and limit tantrums. Then you can allow yourself to switch off more easily (hopefully) in the evening.


Get those jobs done you never have time for: If you have the time now, try and use it for those odd jobs you have never gotten around to. Organise that photo wall, sort through the kids’ old toys and clothes, clean out the garage, make the family photo book, organise gifts and Christmas presents. Why not?


Have some quality family time: With lots of family time on the horizon, it is best to go into it with a positive as well as realistic attitude. Enjoy the quality time this situation provides us with your kids, partner and other family members. Have those important talks, watch favourite movies, play board games, teach each other life skills, laugh, dance, cook amazing meals. On the flipside, be sure to give everyone their own space when they need it.


Focus on your health: Spend the extra time you have to declutter, set goals, make your own meals and snacks, spend time meditating and exercising, have that extra bath or do the things you enjoy. If there was ever a time to reflect, get organised and look after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, this is it. And of course, hopefully that will stand you in good stead if you do contract any viruses as we head into the winter months.


What positives have you experienced through the self-isolation period?



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