LBD is a unique opportunity that allows the customers to customize their home and compete in price with the volume builder which allows them to build what & how they want it and live in a house which is their home.

Our expanding national network of builders, offer home builders certainty when it comes to a brand they can trust.

About Local Builders Direct

Local Builders direct (LBD) began in 2009 with a view to providing customers easy access to custom and boutique builders. By collectively increasing the purchasing power and sales channels of their builders, LBD can now offer you a custom built home for less than the mass produced homes of the volume builders.

Having worked in real estate and construction for 20 plus years, Angelo Adamo, noticed there was a gaping hole in the market. Customers wanted a custom built home; built by a name they could trust and for the price of a mass produced home. Thus, the idea for Local Builders Direct was born.

Angelo, began enlisting builders that he had built relationships with over his 20 years in the industry, ensuring that they were steadfast, trustworthy and could be priced competitively. 

Today, Local Builders Direct is a well-oiled enterprise able to assist you with new builds, house and land packages, knock down / rebuilds, unit developments and much more. If you have a project you are considering, simply Contact Us and we will happily assist you.



Phone: 0400935792

Address: 14, Hero Street, Diggers Rest, Vic 3427


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