Interview With a Local – Shaz Smith (Sharryn Smith)

Whilst there are many newcomers to Kyneton, there are equally as many locals who are born and bred in the town. We spoke to long time local, Shaz (Sharryn) Smith about her experience.


Shaz was born in Kyneton in the old hospital and has lived in the area her entire life. She is one of the town’s biggest fans and has enjoyed watching it evolve over the years. Shaz says, ‘It has gone from a sleepy hollow to a foodie place with plenty of people visiting’. She believes newcomers have injected their enthusiasm into the town, sparking the beginning of the Kyneton Farmers’ Market many years ago and revitalising the Daffodil and Arts Festival. Shaz has also noticed that in recent times the influx of new residents has meant a greater diversity of its people, restaurants and cuisines.


When asked what she likes best about Kyneton, it is an obvious choice for Shaz: ‘The support in the community’. Particularly when people have seen hard times, Shaz says that the community has rallied around these individuals or families. It is also evident in her daily life when she sees friendly faces everywhere she goes.


Shaz plays a big part in the community herself. She is the oldest netball player in the Bendigo league, having played on and off for the local club since she was twenty. Shaz is also a member of an early morning running group which kicks off at 5.30 am every day. In addition to this, Shaz enjoys connecting new residents with long term locals. Having lived in the town her whole life and worked in the supermarket for twenty years, Shaz has plenty of connections. She loves to help people settle in so that they can benefit from the tight knit community, just as she has for all these years.