My Isolation Story: Virginia

Virginia is a retiree who has been living in Kyneton for 22 years. We spoke to her about her experience during isolation. Virginia has always been heavily involved in her local community and as a consequence, is not used to staying home. She is missing catching up with her friends, getting out and about, and window shopping, just to name a few things. Virginia also regularly attended her local mass and was part of the With One Voice Choir. 


Fortunately, she has been able to participate in some of these activities in a different capacity since the COVID-19 restrictions have been enforced. She has attended mass with just a few other parishioners whilst following social distancing rules. She also took part in her choir via Zoom. 


Virginia has chosen to see the positive side of isolation and is using her time to do things like planting the winter vegetables and getting back to one of her hobbies: decorating wedding cakes. Virginia is a keen gardener and she entered the Kyneton Daffodil Festival for the first time last year, winning the best original entry.  


Whilst Virginia understands that people are frustrated about current restrictions she knows that it is ultimately for the community’s best interest. She suggests that instead of worrying, people should get themselves motivated and keep moving.