Coming Home to Kyneton

Why have local thirty-somethings chosen to return to the area to raise their children? We investigated why it’s worth coming back to Kyneton.

There is a significant percentage of Kyneton residents who grew up in the area themselves, moved away to study or for work, and have returned to raise their families. We asked a local resident why this was the case in her situation.

Whilst an obvious reason may be that their parents still reside in the area, the country lifestyle is one of the most motivating factors when it comes to Kynetonians returning to their roots. Local resident, Bridgette, says that one of the main attractions was that the town “still has that country and community feel”. As Melbourne’s outer suburbs become increasingly overdeveloped, this is a valid concern when choosing a place to live.

In our ever-changing, technologically advanced, stressful world, it is understandable that people want to go about their parenting in a slower-paced environment, that is familiar, friendly and maintains a strong sense of community. It is rare to find such a place nowadays.
Kyneton is also large enough that it doesn’t experience the problems of smaller rural towns. It has ample infrastructure and reliable public transport. Bridgette agrees that the “many great services to bring up a family” including “good schools, indoor pool and sporting facilities” also made Kyneton an idyllic choice. She also likes that the fact that it is “very accessible to both Melbourne and Bendigo with the V-Line service” and shared that the excellent restaurants, shops and markets added to its appeal.

If locals are choosing to return to their childhood home, it begs the question, is it a good choice for others looking for a place to raise a family? The answer is of course a resounding ‘yes’. Why don’t you visit Kyneton to see if it could be your new hometown? Be welcomed into a community which will truly feel like home.