Building Momentum

Our team at Kyneton on Riverside is proud to see the completion of more than 70 homes, as quality builders adhere to the guidelines you can see how we are in keeping with Kyneton’s unique character.

There is great momentum in stages 6 and 14 with ongoing construction, and the community is abuzz with excitement as the prospect of welcoming new homeowners this summer becomes a reality.

A sense of anticipation fills the air, as we prepare to welcome a fresh wave of homeowners. These new residents will soon experience the culmination of thoughtful planning and unwavering commitment to quality living spaces.

The latest stage releases, Stages 10 and 11 are now selling. With only 5 lots remaining in stage 10, interested buyers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to secure their place within our new community. These stages promise the same level of craftsmanship and lot diversity that have become synonymous with the project.