5 tips to the ultimate kitchen

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Image from G.J. Gardner Homes

The kitchen is an integral part of your home. It’s not just a place to store, prepare and serve food but an area to gather together as a family. Many people building homes agonise over what will go where in their kitchen and rightly so as a well-designed kitchen will endure the test of time. Here are our top five Kitchen tips to a kitchen that will tick all the boxes.

Consider the kitchen triangle

This idea is not a new one and is still a foundation of kitchen design. The kitchen triangle refers to having your three main work areas; refrigerator, stove and sink laid out as a triangle in your kitchen. The purpose of this is to assist you working efficiently by having everything in close proximity.

Be selective about appliances

It is also important to decide which appliances you will purchase and where they will be stored. There is no point having appliances that will only gather dust. Consider what you truly need and how often they will be used to assist in your decision making.

Embrace bench space

If you enjoy cooking, have a large family or are incorporating dining into your kitchen, you will benefit from plenty of bench space. It is even better if your bench space is within your kitchen triangle and will be used often.

Include clever storage solutions

Something to consider in your kitchen is how accessible your storage spaces are. Are the cupboards so high or drawers so deep that they are impractical? Think about what you will keep in each space and investigate clever storage solutions. A bin drawer underneath where you will be doing your food preparation is ideal. Likewise, a skinny cupboard for trays and breadboards to stand upright will save you from scrabbling for them in a deep drawer.

Think about upkeep

Whilst we often choose the textures and colours for our kitchen based on what is
aesthetically pleasing, it is important to consider what will be hard-wearing and easy to clean as well. Is a stunning wooden benchtop going to survive the wear and tear of children? Will a white stone bench stain easily? Balance up the pros and cons of your desired look against what is practical.

What do you look for in a kitchen? At Kyneton on Riverside we would love to know what your must-haves are.