Alice and Co Provides Expert Advice on Remote Learning

Alice and Co is a studio-gallery and teaching space on Kyneton’s High Street dedicated to language arts, book arts and illustration. They provide tutoring for students from Grade 3 through to VCE and adults. Both of the tutors at Alice and Co are qualified teachers and one of the tutors, Cassis, homeschools her child.


Alice and Co has been able to easily move their tutoring sessions online since the self isolation restrictions have been enforced. Due to their not being severely affected by the change and their experience in the education sector, they wanted to give back to their community. Cassis has made herself available online so that parents can share their concerns or ask questions about remote learning. Cassis gives general tips and tricks from her experience as a teacher and homeschooling parent.


We asked Cassis her thoughts on the topic of assisting your children in remote learning. She says the most important thing is that your child’s brain is switched on for part of the day. Cassis also believes that formal learning is less important the younger your children are. The basic things like reading with your kids and reciting rhymes is where most of the real learning happens. To stay updated and informed about more potential question times and workshops, follow Alice and Co’s Facebook page.


Alice and Co: